Videos Of The Week (July 1st - 7th)

David Knight - 11th July 2013

There's some excellent VFX and animation work in this batch. Are labels outside of France now prepared to take more of a chance on VFX and animation in their videos than they used to? It's looking that way...

There's the epic destruction of Young Galaxy by Ivan Grbovic, Bloc Party being well and truly Cyriak-ized, and Philip Andelman showing a knack for cartoonish comedy down the barbershop for Duck Sauce. 

And then, as always, there was some strong narrative work, and some intriguing new directors - and in the case of Lewis Arnold's gripping stalker video for Futureheads, both. Jake Bugg continues to work with some experienced directors, this time Andrew Douglas. Ryan Hope provides the sexy glamour, with his stylish video for 2Chainz and Pharrell. And Aubrey Woodiwiss takes a big step in his path from colourist to music video director with his beautifully shot Sailor & I promo.

And finally, the return of the brilliant directing/production team CANADA with a characteristically inventive performance video for Phoenix. Very cool... 

David Knight - 11th July 2013

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