David Knight - 25th July 2013

A plethora of narrative videos of differing styles (and of course, budgets) in this week, from the blockbuster action of Calvin Harris's Thinking Of You by Vince Haycock to the theatrical of Rob Savage's haunting video of Dear Reader's Took Them Away, to KT Tunstall's transformation by Alex Kemp, Jordan Bahat's dark comic drama for Panic! At The Disco, and Naor Aloni's striking and surreal crime story for Bastille.

And there's Kieran Evans touching doc about a South Wales pit village for Manic Street Preachers and Richard Hawley, and BRTHR's take on public access TV for MS MR.

David Knight - 25th July 2013

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Madonna 'Batuka' by Emmanuel Adjei

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