David Knight - 3rd June 2013

Late May brought us Peter Serafinowicz's triple-headed tribute to Daft Punk's irresistable disco hit; an ingenious video shot over a single 24 hour period for Dan Black by Chic & Artistic; the return of Pleix to music vids with beautiful motion graphix for Discodeine.

Plus - some 80s teen dramatics for Daniela Brooker by SIng J Lee, a low-budget fantasy epic for Igor Volk, Naive New Beaters' scurrilous take on a famous Mouse; there's Camilla and Marc's spare portrait of southern Spain for Hypnolove; plus Katy B, down with the boy racers of Essex, and the return of Jessie J - both courtesy of Emil Nava...

David Knight - 3rd June 2013

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Miss June 'Enemies' by Dylan Pharazyn

Are you afraid of leaf blowers? You might want to give them a wide berth after watching Enemies. Dylan Pharazyn directs this love panic attack for Aukland punk outfit Miss June.

Ned Botwood - 2 days ago

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