David Knight - 26th May 2013

If you thought the re-emergence of David Bowie in January was a surprise, who could have prepared us for the first music video made in space - for a Bowie song?

Moustachioed Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield version of Space Oddity was a hell of a start to the week, to be followed by Vaughan Arnell's tale of dancefloor love for John Newman, Ivan Villafuerte's vision of wintry Chicago for Hammock, Tom Bunker and Nicos Livesey's wild animation (about animation) for Binary's G.O.D., That Go's one-way mirror trick for Austra, the return of CSS (and Toni Basil), Bison's ingenious moving stills for London Grammar - and the Church-baiting new Bowie video by Floria Sigismondi starring Gary Oldman and Marion Cottillard.

David Knight - 26th May 2013

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