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Homespun's editors on their favourite music videos. "There’s super exciting work out there at the moment."

Homespun's editors on their favourite music videos. "There’s super exciting work out there at the moment."

Promonews - 10th Oct 2023

We asked the team of editors at Homespun what their favourite videos have been this year so far. Each of them provided some cracking selections - including a few of their own...

Homespun burst onto the music video editing scene way back in 2014. Part of the Stitch Editing family, the following decade has seen Homespun act as a springboard for the next generation of editing talent. Producing music videos and short films, the team has cut promos for everyone from Dua Lipa to J Hus.

Now a six strong team, Homespun consists of Chris Wilson, Joe Bolger, Laura Reyes, Chris Hutchings, Luke Anderson and Laura Zvarikova. Right now, as well as their usual day to day work, most of them are gearing up to edit the films being made in this year's Yarns competition, organised annually by Stitch and Homespun since 2014.

Before that starts in earnest we asked the editors' to curate a playlist of their favourite videos from the past 12 months. With a variety of music taste among them, it turns out to be a fascinating list, and a snapshot of what has been a big year for editing in music videos.

And they also have looked back on their own often low budget work, that have resulted with close working relationships with young directors.


Chris’s career has seen his rise from runner to Homespun Editor. The last year has seen Chris hit new heights, cutting regular commercial work for clients such as First Choice and Greater Anglia. His promo work has also been getting recognition across the industry, with his video for Wu-Lu’s Blame being nominated at the 2022 UKMVA’s for Best Rock Video.

A network of friends and helpers is such an important part of making promos.

CW: In this era of low budget music videos, building a network of friends and helpers is such an important part of making promos. Everyone from directors to editors are in the same boat and supporting each other is the only way that videos get made.

One promo that summed up that spirit totally is 2GEVA by Killowen. The atmosphere throughout was just awesome, and getting the chance to work with Mr Yankey again is always awesome.

I also loved Aube Perrie’s video for Harry Styles’ Music For A Sushi Restaurant. The premise is class and Styles as a squid is the cherry on top of the cake.



Born in Tenerife, Laura assisted there before moving to London and starting her career at Stitch and Homespun. Arriving in 2017, the following years have seen her work up from runner to Assistant Editor, curating a reel of promos and short films in the process. Cutting music videos for clients such Rudimental, she has also edited multi award-winning short film Love, becoming a key member of the Homespun team.

LR: Music videos can be such a creative outlet, and there’s some super exciting work out there at the moment. One that I've loved this year is the Rosalia, Rauw Alejandro promo Vampiros, which was directed by Stillz.

I love Stillz's work. His visuals are always on point, and this is great example. The fact that it was shot in Barcelona in some spots that are so familiar to me is awesome, and the editing by Aitor Bigas is brilliant.

I also must mention Doja Cat’s Attention. Directed by Tanu Muiño, it’s got it all. Amazing visuals, even better concept, and genuinely amazing editing by Carlos Font Clos. It's just too good.



Luke is currently riding a wave, having cut last year’s winning Yarns film Dishes, Dishes, Dishes by Emma Parkinson. Joining the Stitch ranks as runner in 2018, he has since become a key part of the Homespun roster, building a growing reel of short films and promos. This includes a duo of short films for director Harry Guest, including comedy Ocean Brew.

LA: My favourite video from the last year must be AntsLive's Number One Candidate. Not often do promos open with a rapper going full whack on a horse through the Alps.

It's funny, so well shot and it’s always a winner when a video accompanies a huge tune. The edit is super sharp to boot, with some really interesting in-camera effects and transitions that raise it another level.



Already an accomplished assistant editor by the time he arrived at Stitch in 2021, Chris’ role as Homespun editor has seen him develop an impressive reel of music video and commercial work. His cut on Mr. Yankey’s Asda advert saw it nominated for a British Arrow, while his music video reel includes projects for artists such as Rag n’ Bone Man and Ric Flow.

It’s a side of the industry that’s always exciting to be a part of.

CH: Music Videos are always evolving, so it’s a side of the industry that’s always properly exciting to be a part of. One of the best videos from this year I think is Mama's Eyes by METTE. I just love this promo, and it’s got to be a contender for the best editing gong at the UKMVAs.

I love the way the video plays with dissolves and match cuts, all mixed in with incredible choreography and cool personal home videos – just awesome.

It would be a crime not to mention J Hus's Crazy. Cut by Stitch's own Rich Woolway, it's got an amazing flow, a great use of position tracking and speed ramps. There’s a great energy, without it being overly worked and cut up into pieces. Impressive return from J Hus supported by a video that bring that gravitas required.



Laura joined Stitch as a runner back in 2020 and is rapidly rising the ranks as an Assistant Editor. Originally from Slovakia, Laura is already cultivating a strong reel of promos and shorts. This includes last year’s Yarns finalist film It’s Not You, It’s Me starring ex-Love Island host Laura Whitmore.

LZ: The most important thing a promo can do for me is make the viewer excited. One of my favourite promos from this year was Worms by Ashnikko. Cut at Stitch by our editor Rich Woolway, it was such a slick, visual promo.

The use of CGI animation added an interesting dynamic, and it was amazing to see how it went from the offline green screen to the final version.



Back in 2010, Joe started creating VJ videos for friends, then for artists like Bondax, Baby Prince and Synkro. He found his love for editing while at Southampton University, and after discovering Stitch at a guest lecture, moved to London to be an Assistant Editor with the company. To date, Joe has worked on projects for artists such as Dua Lipa and Arlo Parks.

In 2016, he met Amelia Dimoldenberg and started editing her YouTube show Chicken Shop Date. Over 50 episodes later, Joe’s cuts have well over 100M views and the pair even worked together on her entry in the 2019 Yarns competition.

JB: I’ve always loved promos. In fact Cerulean by Simian Mobile Disco made me want to get into editing in the first place whilst I was at Uni.

I may be biased, but I couldn’t complete a playlist from the last year without adding in my promo for Amelia Dimz “Jiggle Jiggle”. 'Going viral’ can be a touchy subject, with artists getting all sorts of demands from their labels. But, leaning into an already viral trend was massive fun, and working with Louis Theroux, Jason Derulo and Duke & Jones just topped it off.

Silly idea, massive tune…what’s not to like?

• Watch the work of Homespun editors here.

Promonews - 10th Oct 2023


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