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Directors Jasmine De Silva, Lulu Vicedomini and Duncan Lewis join Intergalactic Studios

Directors Jasmine De Silva, Lulu Vicedomini and Duncan Lewis join Intergalactic Studios

Promonews - 7th Feb 2024

2023 was a year of award-winning work and roster expansion for Intergalactic Studios. Now the London-based company has kicked off 2024 by announcing the addition of three new directors: Jasmine De Silva, Lulu Vicedomini and Duncan Lewis.

Jasmine De Silva

Jasmine De Silva (above, centre) has directed music videos for Ellie Dixon, Lyza Jane and Luxury Goods and the fashion film How To Build Your Human, in the process creating immersive worlds in a playful pop-art style. She studied fashion photography at the London College of Fashion, and has won awards for emerging talent in both photography and directing.

“Jasmine’s sparkly feminine worlds and concepts are so captivating," says Intergalactic co-MD Rhory Danniells. "We’ve worked on a number of projects with her now and it’s always fun to walk onto a set that’s instantly recognisable as a Jasmine De Silva shoot - not just in look, but energy too. Her good vibes are infectious.” 

“I'm super excited to join the Intergalactic roster!" adds De Silva. "When I first saw their work a few years ago, I instantly loved the playful range of directors they team up with and the vibrant projects they get their hands on. Having collaborated with them a few times now, I've always felt so supported creatively right from the start and can't wait to see what the next year brings as we work together more.”

• Watch Jasmine De Silva's work on Intergalactic Studios' website here.

Lulu Vicedomini

Recent Italian transplant Lulu Vicedomini (above, left) caught the attention of Intergalactic with her (literal) bird’s eye view video, Sud Italia for Giovanni ti Amo. She has also directed acclaimed videos for D-Ross and Delicatoni in her native Italy.

The director and production company have now collaborated on her first UK-shot video, building a miniature village theme park and a life-sized funhouse for indie supergroup FIZZ's The Secret To Life, where the band discover they are starring in a sitcom against their will and subsequently escape their film-set-prison through a magic wormhole discovered on their smoke break.

"I’ve never read anything as complicated as Lulu’s scripts, and I got through most of The Da Vinci Code," comments Intergalactic's other co-MD, Tom Ringsby. "You have to fully immerse yourself in her vision and leave conventions behind. Her films feel hand-made and free. She’s indifferent to music video trends and is more likely to reference Japanese arthouse and Italian soap operas, which is why we consistently hear from commissioners that she delivers the most unique interpretations on briefs.

"We’re super excited to sit on more calls with Lulu acting out her scripts to clarify which shots are flashbacks and which ones are dream sequences.”

“I am very grateful for Intergalactic’s unwavering support and guidance in my creative journey," adds Lulu Vicedomini. "I am excited to join their roster and looking forward to work on more fun, surreal projects together. In the words of ‘the man from another place’ let’s rock.”

• Watch Lulu Vicedomini’s work on Intergalactic Studios’ website here.

Duncan Lewis 

Since starting out filming his friends performing Jackass-stunts in their teens, Duncan Lewis has progressed to working with some of the world's leading brands and publications, including Motorola, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Barbour and Vogue.

His energetic visual style has also translated from fashion and commercials into music videos, with Lewis directing promos for rapper p-rallel's Can't Get Enough and Get Down. 

“Duncan’s a director we’ve been circling for a while now," says Danniels. "Each video he's put out, be it for brands or musicians, raises the bar on his previous work and that's what's so exciting about having him with us at this stage. Watch this space.”

“I’m really excited about starting 2024 by joining Intergalactic," adds Lewis. "After meeting them it was clear that we shared a strong passion for making stand-out films. Intergalactic had an excellent year in 2023 and I can’t wait to get started with them and join their journey while also being able to take my projects to the next level!” 

• Watch Duncan Lewis's work on Intergalactic Studios’ website here.

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