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CANADA signs Alex Gargot

CANADA signs Alex Gargot

Promonews - 8th Sept 2023

Acclaimed Spanish director Alex Gargot has joined CANADA for representation across music videos, commercials and branded content.

Having experimented since childhood with illustration, music and animation, and a fanatic for all things audiovisual, Alex Gargot has been winning awards and nominations since the release of Cora Novoa's State Of Mind in 2019, which took a Newcomer award at the UKMVAs that year.

With a strong narrative style and an inclination for the strange, creating original worlds unobtrusively enhanced by VFX, Gargot's gained further recognition with his video for Fuel Fandango's Mi Huella in 2021. His endless curiosity and skilful direction have landed his work on shortlists internationally, with awarded and selected films at Ciclope Berlin, the Latin Grammys, the UKMVAs and 1.4. Awards.

In his commercial work, clients he has worked for include eBay, DAZN, Netflix and McDonalds.

''I've been following the work of Alex for the past few years, and since the beginning, I saw a creative voice that interested me," says Alba Barneda, CANADA's Global Head of Production. "His music video 'Mi Huella' captivated me. Now that we've gotten to know each other better and we've been able to see up close how he works, we are amused to add someone like him to CANADA's roster. We are very excited to be able to develop his talent and continue growing his reel at both a national and international level.''

Gargot adds: "I've been a massive fan of CANADA's work for the longest time. I can still remember how I used to daydream about being a part of all this, consistently being blown away by their stunning videos. Now that I'm here, even in this short while, it's clear how much heart and dedication this whole crew puts into every detail of what they do.

"It's like a tight-knit family that's both passionate and caring. I'm beyond excited to see where this journey takes us. It's a huge honour.”

• Watch a selection of Alex Gargot's work on CANADA’s website


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Promonews - 8th Sept 2023


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