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COMPULSORY signs animation studio CRUX

COMPULSORY signs animation studio CRUX

Promonews - 2nd Nov 2022

French animation studio CRUX are now partnering with COMPULSORY for worldwide representation in music videos and commercials. 

CRUX are a Bordeaux-based animation studio specialising in creating 2D worlds with boundless imagination. Their first collaboration with COMPULSORY for Cafune ‘Tek It’ (above) landed them a UKMVA nomination in the Best Rock Newcomer category this year. Taking inspiration from 80’s anime, the video depicts a smitten cat borderline obsessed with her owner in a retro-futuristic, psychedelic dreamscape. 

A full service animation studio, CRUX's heart lies in 2D, crafting explosive narratives and amplifying a brand’s message through character work, movement and colour. They bring 19 years experience of working in the industry before opening their own doors in 2019. 

In commercials they are working with the world’s biggest brands, most recently launching an electrifying logo piece for Coca Cola in their signature style, leading the 2D FX animation and design. Their portfolio of completely animated work is also supported by a collection of semi-animated/live action hybrid films often completed as collaborations with live action directors. As with their standout series for Adobe featuring Lil Nas X. In their series the viewer sees Lil Nas X as his live action self, as well as multi versions in an animated universe, to express the message to be yourself and embrace your creativity. CRUX added their own character to design to not just Lil Nas X but also many charming animal characters in the piece. 

“We believe that every single frame has a purpose to serve," say CRUX. "From the first draft of the scenario to the final touch we put our love of craft in everything we do. we push the boundaries of animation to tell stories that audiences won’t forget.“

COMPULSORY’s Stephanie Walton added “CRUX represents to us a fresh voice in animation, their ability to craft bold imagination with years of experience makes them the perfect collaborator for brands and artists wishing to tell a story through this medium.” Contact & for collaborations.

• Watch the CRUX showreel at COMPULSORY here


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Promonews - 2nd Nov 2022


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