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FRIEND launches Ukraine Print Sale

FRIEND launches Ukraine Print Sale

Promonews - 30th Mar 2022

London-based production company FRIEND is raising funds for Ukraine with a sale of limited edition prints by several directors on the company's commercial and music video rosters. 

The prints of art and photography by Alex Gargot, Anuk Rohde, Colin Solal Cardo (pictured above), Kid. Studio, Lucrecia Taormina, Pablo Maestres and Paul Herrman are available to buy now on FRIEND's Shopify page. All proceeds from the sale of the prints - on sale at £80 each - will go to Ukraine's defence efforts as the country continues to resist the invasion by Russian forces.

"As Putin’s cowardly war sadly wages on, we all must continue to donate and support our friends in Ukraine by any means possible," states the company in the description accompanying the sale of the limited edition prints.

"FRIEND is blessed to have many talented directors that are also great photographers, and as such we’ve decided to create a limited edition print sale, every penny of which will go to Ukraine. These will be received by members of the FRIEND family who are currently stationed on the frontlines of the war.

"In December, we had the good fortunate to be able to produce a music video for Arlo Parks in Kyiv. Our local producer Valentin Peshykin has informed us that Leonid Sidor, the gaffer on our shoot, is currently fundraising for drones - a key component to Ukraine’s military strategy, offering bird’s eye view of oncoming invaders.

"Our commercial EP Chris Abitbol’s partner is a Ukrainian artist, whose family are in Kyiv. Her father is helping to source more tactical body armour for the fearless civilians and soldiers in his country. Every donation helps him provide more flak jackets and helmets for those who need them most!If you can please help us support a nation in need, and in return receive some amazing limited edition prints."

• Ukraine Print Sale on FRIEND's Shopify page here

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Promonews - 30th Mar 2022

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