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Ricky Gibb signs to KODE, debuting with new Murkage Dave video

Ricky Gibb signs to KODE, debuting with new Murkage Dave video

Promonews - 2nd Mar 2022

Ricky Gibb has joined the directors roster at KODE in London, and kicked things off at his new home with his latest video, for Murkage Dave's Us Lot.

The newest addition to KODE’s talent roster will be focussed on music video work. This is Gibbs's first signing to a London production company, having previously worked independently with artists including Lancey Foux and Skaiwater in addition to Murkage Dave and Miles from Kinshasa. 

Gibbs's work is renowned for blending performance and storytelling in his music promos, his directing style conveying a sense of truth and authenticity to the characters portrayed. This is the case in the video for Us Lot, where it is paired with Murkage Dave’s talent as a wordsmith portraying personable and relatable characters, which captures the realism of a house party between a group of friends who were once close, but are now somewhat estranged and meeting only once or twice a year. 

Nathan Killham, KODE's Head of Music & Executive Producer, says: “We’ve been friends with Ricky for a long time - funnily enough meeting via friends of friends and hanging out at house and work parties. His kind soul and positive energy are a welcome addition to our KODE family, and working with him on this first project has been so much fun.

"Ricky's ideas are excellent and are always underpinned with an exploration into quite darkly humorous, absurd situations - which I love.”

As with other KODE directors, Gibb is now repped for music videos by Claire Stubbs at Mouthpiece.

• Watch Ricky Gibb's showreel at KODE here

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Promonews - 2nd Mar 2022


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