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MVPA/APA works with WDMV and Ian Pons Jewell to create new production-friendly music video contract

MVPA/APA works with WDMV and Ian Pons Jewell to create new production-friendly music video contract

Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2022

The MVPA (the Music Video Producer's Association, a division of the APA in the UK) has announced a new contract template for music video production, that has been drafted in collaboration with We Direct Music Videos - the US-based lobby group for music video directors' rights - and director Ian Pons Jewell, WDMV's representative for the UK. 

The new contract has been written to acknowledge the investment that production companies and directors make into music videos - in the form of equipment, crew and service contributions - and to gain a fairer playing field across the production/record label relationship.

The main areas that are addressed by the MVPA/WDMV version of the production contract involve potential royalties on income earned by the video on release, including related merchandise, and also regaining control of reusable footage in the event of a video not being released. 

The new contract can be downloaded here.

The intention is for MVPA members - many of the leading production companies making music videos in the UK - to introduce clauses from the new MVPA/WDMV version of the production contract where they are appropriate when contracts are being drawn up on forthcoming individual productions.

Steve Davies, CEO of the APA and MVPA, says that the features introduced in the new contract document represent a fair and reasonable way forward for music video production, offering a benefit for production companies when they effectively invest in music video productions.   

“Production companies enjoy the creativity of music videos," says Davies. "It is critical to ensure that they have a sustainable business model that when they choose to invest in a video, and that they also share in the benefits."

Director Ian Pons Jewell, described by Davies as "a driving force" behind the creation of the new contract, remarks that these new terms are important to having a healthy music video industry and ensure companies with the right expertise are available to make videos.

“Since the major change in budgets, music videos have been an incredibly tough world to navigate, with pretty horrendous terms for the directors and crews working on them," says Pons Jewell. "Despite this, it's an incredible art form, so it's our hope that these contract changes can be embraced as a step toward making music videos a better space to be involved in."

He continues: "WDMV kicked off this conversation, shining a light on the realities of the music video world and improving pitching terms, so I'm hoping this will be another big positive step for us. The APA/MVPA have been an incredible partner in this, working with us on the language and realities of this improvement in contract terms."

Steve Davies adds about the new MVPA/WDMV contract that it also reflects the world where music videos are so important to artists, and the importance of a director and production company in that process. "It's often an creative collaboration of artist and director, so some recognition of that is fair." 

• You can follow the MVPA and read the latest updates at 

Rob Ulitski - 24th Feb 2022


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