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New submission form, Instagram tags, more PRO account benefits... the latest version of Promonews is here!

New submission form, Instagram tags, more PRO account benefits... the latest version of Promonews is here!

David Knight - 17th Feb 2022

From this week Promonews is introducing some changes to the website, aimed to improve how the latest work in music video creativity is brought to you every day.

These range from how the website functions - including its speed and efficiency - to refinements to the layout to the submission process, to how production credits are presented on our 'video post' pages. Plus, the newly updated Promonews also offers more tools, access and visibility to holders of PRO accounts on the site.

One of the big changes is the introduction of a new-look video submission form. With nearly all new work featured on Promonews originating from information submitted via the site form, the updated version now allows the inclusion of more credits, organised by department, and allowing more credit fields to be more easily added according to the nature of the production.

In addition, the new submission form now also allows for up to four image files to be uploaded to the site per project, up to 3MB in total.

Production credits on new posts and also existing posts, are also presented differently on the website, reflecting the submission form in separating credits into film departments - and split into two columns when viewed on desktop and laptop screens. 

Furthermore, as you can now see on video posts, the credits of PRO account holders on Promonews now include their main social media or website link. So when PRO account holders add their Instagram tag to their account on the site, the tag now appears with their credits on the video page.

Other changes have been introduced to the site that are aimed to benefit our PRO account holders, or members. These include: a new advanced search tool on the new landing page of the Profiles section of the website, only available to PRO members; a new Profiles box on the homepage of the website containing a rotating cast of PRO members; and a design revamp of the PRO members' profile page, which includes being able to view featured or latest work directly from the front page of every profile.  

PRO account members also have unlimited access to all areas of the website, and the credits on their profile page is visible to all. By contrast, some credits on profiles with no PRO account attached are now archived, not visible to non-PRO account holders.

Design changes to the site means that space is used more efficiently, and pages now load more quickly. Profile names are now exhibited in circular icons throughout the site - PRO account holders with a photo or company name in the image box on their profile page can now resize their image to make it fit the circular icon shape.

• To provide your feedback on the new site, including any questions about the new submission form or other changes, please use the contact form. If you wish to upgrade your profile on Promonews to a PRO account, sign up here. 

David Knight - 17th Feb 2022

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