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Josh Sondock arrives at KODE

Josh Sondock arrives at KODE

Promonews - 20th Jan 2022

London-based production studio KODE has announced the signing of Josh Sondock to their roster of directors, for music videos and commercials in the UK.

With a portfolio containing successful commercial campaigns for clients such as Golden Goose, Knickerbocker MFG and Next Gen, Sondock's humanistic yet cinematic style is captured throughout his work but is perhaps most evident in his music videos, for the likes of Ashe, Orion Sun and Gavin Turek.

In A Holiday Night for American singer/songwriter Ashe, Sondock presents a vintage filmic aesthetic while telling a small, heartfelt story. His work for Orion Sun’s Coffee for Dinner combines an otherworldly, sci-fi storyline with Sondock’s signature artistic flair, and was shortlisted as Best Music Video at the Berlin Awards in 2020. Gavin Turek’s Madame Gold is yet another example of Sondock’s storytelling skills and his ability to combine a mid-century style with a modern filmic approach.

Sondock’s filmic career began at the age of nine, collaborating with his brother to direct, produce, edit and star in their own version of Jackass. Years later, he became a successful producer before his full-time move into directing, creating content for brands such as BMW, Pantene, Calvin Klein, Google and Unicef, as well as music promos for global artists including The Strokes, Glass Animals and A$AP Rocky, working with directors such as Roman Coppola, Rubberband, Jared Knecht and Kirby Jean-Raymond.

“Having Josh join KODE gives me a really great feeling," says KODE CEO Alex Harman. "I feel fortunate to get up and go to work with such a nice human being who also oozes talent. I have known Josh and his brother for some time, since our paths crossed in New York as youngsters. I’m very much looking forward to being a part of the next chapter in Josh’s career.”

Josh Sondock adds: “Signing with KODE in the UK is thrilling - period. The team is wonderful: a dedicated and loyal group of loving, hard-working (& hard-playing) friends. I’m honored to be asked to join their roster. Great work is made by people who care deeply but also who have the talent and grit to make shit happen. I think KODE will be exactly that. So… Great work, here we come.”

Sondock joins the roster immediately, working on both commercial and music promo offerings for KODE. As with other KODE directors he's repped for music videos by Claire Stubbs at Mouthpiece.

• Watch Josh Sondock's showreel at KODE here

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Promonews - 20th Jan 2022


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