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Silence signs to Spindle

Silence signs to Spindle

Promonews - 18th Nov 2021

Spindle have signed the director known as Silence to the company's directing roster for commercials and music videos.

With an experimental approach, raw energy and vibrant art direction, Silence is buiding a reputation as one of the UK's most exciting new directors. Experimenting with mixed-media and textural techniques led her to create a host of youthful but luxe fashion films, for brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Woolrich, Versace and Ellesse. Her natural warmth, confidence and eye for detail shine through within these films’ visual language.

She first picked up a camera to make homemade music videos, and then for up-and-coming artists such as Tora-i and Desta French.

I like to blend my optimism and pessimism into a surreal reality.

“I feel like I see the world vibrantly but with a hint of lingering doom," says Silence. "So maybe my work comes across colourful but has a weird kinda darker tone or twist to it... maybe its subtle, maybe people feel it, I’m not sure. I see the best in everyone and everything, always the optimist. But in the same breath I don’t deny the world’s gloom - I like to blend my optimism and pessimism into a surreal reality.”

Silence’s commercial work for both Nike and Adidas transcends beyond the realm of fashion to new narrative depths; profiling footballers fighting social injustices to change things for those coming up behind them. And her recent playful spot for Pip & Nut is proof of her comic versatility.

She continues: "I really appreciate each venture and how naturally my career has progressed. I deffo feel I’m still just at the start and that I’ve got a lot more to create/learn/succeed/fail/experience. And I’m VERY excited to see how I can grow with Spindle! Can't wait to see what amazing projects we’ll have under our belt by this time next year!"

"Silence is the Future," declares Miles Nathan, Spindle Partner and EP. "She and contemporaries like her are the reason I go to work every day, because she is so exciting and so full of raw creative energy it’s infectious. The work she’s done already is infused with this incredible creative electricity. I feel like she could power a small town with her enthusiasm and ideas!

"But most importantly her work is FUN. And she is fun. Fun to be around, fun to work with and we all need more of fun in our lives."

• Watch Silence's reel at Spindle here

Promonews - 18th Nov 2021


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