Promonews - 4th Nov 2021

The directing roster of The Graft has joined forces with the photographic agency Tonic - a curated group of emerging and established creators, located in London, Paris, and New York - shining a light on established and emerging talent who can work across both fields.

Housed as part of the RANKIN Agency, Tonic Film will sit alongside its sister companies which include a creative agency, post production facility and the editorial magazine HUNGER. 

Beth Montague, EP of Tonic Film comments: “This is such an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. Not only do we get to shine a light on our two incredible rosters but also work cohesively across both stills and film with a very unique offering.”

The current directing roster will sit under the brand of Tonic Film with a focus on music, fashion, beauty and branded content.

Fostering a new wave of emerging talent Tonic Film already have a focus on LGBTQIA+ issues (Jordan Rossi, whose new Elderbrook video is pictured above, and Robert Fox), female topics (Bexy Cameron, Aella Jordan-Edge & Loona Riia), automotive (Luke Logan) and international fashion and beauty (Brendan Dacey).

Tonic Film's music video directors’ representative, Carrie Sutton says: “It has been really rewarding watching the directors’ careers flourish, despite the slings and arrows of the pandemic, over the last months. We have some energetic, hard-working creatives with excitingly distinct voices on the roster. I look forward to seeing them all grow further with this tantalising roster union."

• See the Tonic Film roster here

Promonews - 4th Nov 2021

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