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Adam Buxton's radio doc 'MTV - A British Invention?' - now on BBC Sounds

Adam Buxton's radio doc 'MTV - A British Invention?' - now on BBC Sounds

Promonews - 4th Aug 2021

Comedian, broadcaster and BUG host Adam Buxton hosts a radio documentary about the British influence on the early days of MTV, to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the launch of the network, which is now available to hear on BBC Sounds and elsewhere.

In 'MTV - A British Invention?', Adam Buxton explores the influence of British music videos and music video directors in the early years of MTV. He talks to pioneers of the medium, including Steve Barron and Tim Pope, about this 'golden age' when videos propelled British pop, post-punk and new wave artists such as Duran Duran, Adam Ant (above), Human League and The Cure to an unsuspecting US audience for the first time.

Also interviewed are Gale Sparrow, who worked for MTV at the time and sourced British music videos for the network's launch - there was nothing comparable made by US artists. Will Fowler, curator at the BFI National Archive, and director John Scarlett-Davis, also talk about the impact of underground and experimental film and the generation emerging from art school at the time on the burgeoning artform of music video.

The half hour doc - a Just Radio production - was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 last Sunday, the 40th anniversary of MTV's launch in the US on August 1st 1981.

MTV - A British Invention? is available to stream or download on BBC Sounds throughout August.

• Listen/download on BBC Sounds here 

Promonews - 4th Aug 2021


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