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COVID crisis: new lockdown, but film production continues

COVID crisis: new lockdown, but film production continues

Promonews - 6th Jan 2021

With a new lockdown taking effect throughout Britain, and with many more COVID patients in hospital than at the height of the crisis in the spring, the UK film production industry have been relieved to hear that filming - including the shooting of music videos - can continue with Coronavirus safety protocols in place.

Steve Davies, Head of the Advertising Producers Association, confirmed this on the APA website on Monday evening, following the UK government announcement of 'Lockdown 3' - which will run until mid-February at least, and possibly into March. 

"There is a 'work from home where you can' message, but once again it was made clear and continues to be the case that you may continue to work outside the home where your work cannot be done at home - so attending recces and productions, in studios or on locations, and such other aspects of the production process that cannot be performed at home continue to be permitted.

"For APA members, agencies and advertisers; nothing changes in terms of restrictions and we share a confidence, based on the extraordinary efforts of everyone involved in production managing shoots safely and avoiding cancellations, that we have built a foundation for safe production going forward."

• APA Covid-19 news updates

Promonews - 6th Jan 2021


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