Promonews - 23rd Dec 2020

London-based production company COMPULSORY have located the magic of Christmas in a much-loved fictional New York toy shop, Duncan's Toy Chest, and created a limited edition ‘Turtle Dove’ T-shirt to raise money for South London's Evelina Children's Hospital.  

Screen-printed in London, COMPULSORY has created an original design featuring a re-imaging from a Christmas movie about people left behind, flight delays and criminal activity in the city of New York. You know the one.

The limited edition ‘Turtle Dove’ T-shirt can be bought online through

"The ‘Turtle Dove’ T-shirt reminds us to do something special for someone else," says a COMPULSORY spokesperson. "100% of the profits made will go to support the Evelina Children’s Hospital who support families and their children across South London and South East England. At a time when health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our everyday lives, this is an opportunity to give back to those who are struggling the most with unforeseeable hardships.

"So buy one, give one to a friend, as long as each of you have your turtle dove (t-shirts) you’ll be friends forever, whilst helping a great cause."

• Buy the limited edition ‘Turtle Dove’ T-shirt at the

Promonews - 23rd Dec 2020

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