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UK Music Video Awards 2020: MVA Jury Members asked to judge entries, as voting platform goes live!

UK Music Video Awards 2020: MVA Jury Members asked to judge entries, as voting platform goes live!

Promonews - 19th Aug 2020

Judging in the UK Music Video Awards 2020 has now begun, with the online voting platform on the UKMVAs website now live for Jury Members to view their categories and place their votes in the first round of judging.

The online platform has opened for all the entries in the best video by Music Genre, Technical Achievement, Live and Lockdown categories. Entries for Special Projects and Music Film will be available to view shortly. Entries in the Individual and Company categories will be open in a few days time. 

Hundreds of professionals from all parts of the music video industry in the UK have been invited be Jury Members at this year's UKMVAs. Using the login details included in the email invitations they will have received in the past few days, Jury Members can enter the judging platform at the UK Music Video Awards website, view the entries in their allotted category, and make their selections - usually six entries, but more in some categories - in order of preference.

The Jury Members' votes will determine who makes it to the second round of voting next month, when panels will meet - almost certainly via video conferencing - to decide the shortlists for this year's UKMVAs. The first round voting must end on September 7th in most of these categories.

In some categories where the number of entries is particularly high, the Jury for those categories has been split into two groups, and asked to judge half of the entries. Their scores will then be combined, before the second round of voting. Those categories are: Cinematography, Colour Grading, Editing and Lockdown.

First round judging for the individual and Company award categories is open from Wednesday, August 26th. Jury Members will be asked to judge a maximum of two categories via the online platform. With only a single round of judging for these categories, as always, judging in the Individual and Company categories will run until September 21st.   

Following the second round of judging in September, nominations for the UK Music Video Awards 2020 will be announced on September 29th. Then the annual UKMVAs ceremony is scheduled to take place at the legendary Roundhouse in London on Thursday, October 29th. More information coming shortly.

Promonews - 19th Aug 2020


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