Promonews - 15th May 2020

Being unable to present live events during the lockdown period, music video show BUG has just launched two playlists that reflect the state of the world right now and its current obsessions: Staying In and Going Out.

Each of the playlists features 30 videos or more, from celebrated classics to more obscure gems. Both playlists, now available to view on BUG's YouTube channel, also covers decades of music video creativity, from the 1980s to videos released this year.

Most of the videos have featured in BUG shows, hosted by Adam Buxton, at the BFI Southbank and elsewhere in the past few years, featuring the work of many of the music video directors often featured at BUG. Vintage clips of Adam Buxton reading YouTube comments is also included in the Staying In playlist.

BUG Lockdown - Staying In and BUG Lockdown - Going Out are available to view from today (May 15th), and BUG welcomes further suggestions for both playlists. 

"Although it's not the same as sitting in a cinema, watching great videos with lots of other people, and having Adam make us laugh, we wanted to make something that is quite a lot like BUG, that can be enjoyed at home," says David Knight, member of the BUG curating team - and editor of Promonews.

"We found our inspiration from Bowie, who once said: 'I know when to go out, and I know when to stay in.' At the moment you have to ask: what would Bowie do now? Well, the answer is probably 'still stay in (as much as possible) and watch something very good at home.' As you've probably now seen everything on Netflix, we think these are just the thing. Literally hours of awesome creativity. 

"They're YouTube playlists, so it's relatively easy to watch these videos as they should be seen - on big screens. You just have to click past the ads for Grammarly, and that one with Hans Zimmer..."  

• BUG Lockdown 'Staying In' playlist: watch here

• BUG Lockdown 'Going Out' playlist: watch here

Promonews - 15th May 2020

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