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A message from Promonews: we will try to do our best to help at this time of crisis

A message from Promonews: we will try to do our best to help at this time of crisis

David Knight - 23rd Mar 2020

You do not need to be told about the seriousness of the pandemic and the unparallelled impact it is now having upon how we conduct our lives, and how we work.

This message is simply to say that Promonews will try to help in whatever way it can to assist in keeping the wheels rolling on music video production in the UK. I realise that in the scheme of things that is probably not saying that much. But our mission is to provide a service to music video makers to make things possible, to provide a resource where people can find both information, news and inspiration. That is an objective that we have always had, but which now gains new importance at this unprecedented time, when the definition of what is normal is changing on a daily basis.

Our hope is to respond to the crisis by bringing you news from the industry, about how people are adapting. We would also like to be a sounding board for the concerns of the industry, on all sides. We will be digging into the extensive Promonews database - thousands of videos, tens of thousands of crew profiles - for information and inspiration that will come in useful. We will endeavour to bring the industry more special features, newsletters, and advice.

As always, we will also promote what the industry is doing, as it responds to the situation. In that respect, we really value your input, your stories, and your opinions on what is happening, what is likely to happen, what should happen... Our door is open - metaphorically speaking - so please get in touch.  

At the same time, we are still continuing to do what we have always done: featuring new music video creativity every day. Keep the new videos coming in. We know you will still be making them, by hook or by crook...

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David Knight (above, just popping out for some fresh fruit, and probably wine)

David Knight - 23rd Mar 2020

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