Promonews - 20th Feb 2020

Veteran editor Sam Sneade has joined Stitch Editing in a move that has seen his company Speade close and several other of the company's editors also join Stitch.

Gareth McEwen, Sacha Szwarc, Carlos Font Clos, Rich Woolway and Sam Allen, as well as EP Kirsty Oldfield, have also joined Stitch Editing, as a result of Sneade deciding to step away from running a company, and to fully concentrate on his chosen craft.

Sneade has cut some of the most iconic ads ever made - including Guinness 'Surfer' and Levis 'Odyssey'. His company Speade operated for 25 years, working across feature film, HETV, commercial, short film and music videos. When he decided to close the company Sneade says that Stitch was the natural home for his operation.

To continue Speade’s bespoke traditions and maintain our guiding spirit it simply had to be Stitch.

"We started talking seriously some time ago, and it was immediately apparent to all what an exciting proposition this would be as our thoughts and aspirations were so closely aligned," he explains. "To continue Speade’s bespoke traditions and maintain our guiding spirit it simply had to be Stitch. I've watched how [Stitch owners] Tim [Hardy] and Leo [King] have grown this remarkable roster over the years and, like us, they have kept creativity to the fore. It’s not an easy trick and to retain an essential humanity to the subsequent offering is very rare indeed.”

King and Hardy have also commented about the addition of the Speade roster to Stitch: “We have admired the guys at Speade for a long time so know they are experts in their craft and brilliant people, there’s no better combination. As well as their award-winning commercial work, Speade has an excellent reputation in the longform world, in feature films and episodic TV. They will all bring something special to the fold to inspire us to continue to produce exceptional creative work.

"We are proud of the team we have built up, their talent and passion are what makes Stitch. Our MD, Angela Hart, alongside Kirsty Oldfield were instrumental in the securing of our relationship with Speade and we know this is the perfect way for Stitch to evolve.”

Angela Hart adds: “It’s going to be a real pleasure to be back with Kirsty, I love her work ethic and can’t wait to work with Sam’s talented roster. 2020 marks our tenth birthday and what better way to celebrate, we are very excited to see what the next ten years brings.”

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    Promonews - 20th Feb 2020

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