Promonews - 19th Feb 2020

The 2020 SHINY Awards takes place next Tuesday, 25th February at the Mill in London, screening the best work and announcing the winners of the best in emerging talent. 

After a year of celebrating exciting, exceptional work from new directors at events in London, New York and LA, the SHINY Awards will award trophies in the areas of branded content, drama, documentary and music videos, and will include Best Recently Signed Director and Best Unsigned Director. 

All work that was considered by SHINY’s jurors at this year's competition are by directors with under 5 years’ experience. And SHINY, a not-for-profit company supports the very best emerging talent and is committed to creating opportunities for under-represented groups, encouraging diversity and inclusion across the industry.

"We make sure screening shortlists for our regular events and the annual SHINY Awards reflect diversity across six categories, including ethnicity, gender and socio-economic groups," says SHINY founder and MD Caroline Bottomley.  "The jury network then make selections based on meritocracy, after we’ve applied rough quotas. We know we’re not there yet, but we scout new directors from diverse sources and have better representation than most screenings and awards shows as a result.”  

Previous SHINY Award winners include Nadia Lee Cohen, John Ogunmiywe and Charlotte Regan, current heavy hitters at Academy, Havas and Knucklehead.

At this year's SHINY Awards, as keeping up with the best new directing talent, guests can enjoy a friendly and unpretentious pizza and beer awards event.

Tickets for the Awards on Tues 25th Feb at The Mill are £45 and available here.

Promonews - 19th Feb 2020

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