Promonews - 25th July 2019

The UK Music Video Awards is welcoming a new partner for the 2019 edition of the world's greatest music video awards show: Creep Post is now on board to sponsor this year's award for Best VFX in a Video.

One of the brightest rising stars in the world of post-production, Creep is a new-age post facility, based in Noho in central London. The company was forged in the fire of music video production, where its founders, Joe Elliott and Callum Gordon, established their credentials. Since launch, they have grown to cater for all matter of modern content: TV drama, features, commercials, documentaries - and of course, promos. 

Creep has a full arsenal of post capabilities including VFX, Motion, Colour, Beauty and Edit. "We like to make the impossible, possible," says Elliott. "We bring an obsessive commitment to supporting the creativity of production companies, record labels and directors in bringing their visions to life."

Joe Elliott continues that Creep is delighted to be partnering with the UKMVAs for the first time, and sponsoring the Best VFX award - one of eight highly prized Technical Achievement awards that will be handed out at the UK Music Video Awards 2019 ceremony at the Roundhouse in October, and one of 30 awards in all

We couldn't resist the opportunity to support a great celebration of talent, in the ultimate proving ground of creativity that is music videos.

"We are proud to sponsor the UKMVAs' VFX category," he says. "It's an exciting prospect to think of what kind of mind-bending realities VFX artists are going to dream up next and with technological leaps, their discipline will only become even more integral to the production machine. 

"VFX is one of the most impressive creative outputs. A rare set of truly skilled artists, who combine a hugely diverse set of talents to achieve the impossible. Therefore we couldn't resist the opportunity to support such a great celebration of talent, in the ultimate proving ground of creativity that is Music Videos."

The news of Creep Post coming on board as a sponsor happens as the entry period for this year's UKMVAs enters its final stages. The deadline for entries is midnight (BST), Friday August 2nd. Find out more about how to enter the awards here

Judging for Best VFX and over 30 other awards will commence in August. The nominations for this year's UKMVAs will be announced in late September and the awards themselves, held at the legendary Roundhouse in London once again, will take place on October 23rd.

• Enter work for this year's UK Music Video Awards here


Promonews - 25th July 2019

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