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​straight 8 shootout at Cannes 2019 is open for entries

​straight 8 shootout at Cannes 2019 is open for entries

Promonews - 14th Mar 2019

One super 8 cartridge no editing film challenge straight 8 has opened its doors to the straight 8 shootout challenge - a 2019 charity ​shootout​ format for all creative companies around the globe, where the accepted entries and resulting films will be screened for the first time ever at an event at the Cannes Film Festival in June.

A maximum of 20 companies can register for the event to make a film and registration is open now, with entry of films open from April 1st 2019. More info can be found at 

The straight 8 shootout challenge is to make a 2.5 minute short film created entirely in-camera on just one cartridge of Super 8mm film. Every shot is taken in story order, with no opportunity for re-takes or editing. Any visual effects, colouring and titling must be done the old-fashioned way: as part of the shoot, with the camera. Super 8 doesn’t record sound, so soundtracks are made ‘blind’ and must be original.

Entrants send their exposed but un-developed film cartridges to straight 8 partners Cinelab London who process and scan the films. straight 8 then lines up each soundtrack with the first frame of each film. It’s that ‘simple’.

And then the first time anyone sees even their own work - no matter how or if it came out - is at the premiere in a huge cinema in Cannes in June, packed with an audience of their peers and competitors. A live vote at the cinema immediately follows the screening and winning companies donate prize money to the charities of their choice, as well as taking home a recycled camera trophy made by shootout sponsors, Machine Shop.

Because every film is shown at the premiere, 20 is the maximum number of companies that may enter. To have a chance to enter, interested companies must register on the straight 8 site ASAP. This year a special 21st entry is being donated by straight 8 to British Arrows Doorways, which finds and engages with young people from all backgrounds and connects them with the advertising industry. So be careful who you’re up against.

straight 8 is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Since launching shootout in 2016 with APA London, its success has been proven at Cannes, Ciclope and Adfest and most recently the first straight 8 shootout online with a live online premiere broadcast where entering companies in USA, Canada, Argentina, London, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Tokyo saw their work at 2pm GMT, which was 6am PST and 11pm in Tokyo.

Many top companies from around the world have now risen to straight 8’s shootout challenge. See some of the companies who’ve entered and some of the charities who’ve benefited to date, at

The 2019 competition will premiere at 11am on June 20th at the Arcades Cinema, Cannes. Tickets are already available at A welcome breakfast for entering teams and ticket-holders will be held from 10am at the cinema - hosted by Madam Films, a long time supporter and first time sponsor of straight 8 shootout. And in partnership with charity cycle ride The FireFlies Tour, £5 from every ticket sold for the premiere will go towards their fundraising for Bloodwise.

Promonews - 14th Mar 2019


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