Promo News - 1st Nov 2018

Untold Studios has launched in London this week - a new independent creative studio and community, underpinned by next-generation digital infrastructure, and headed by Darren O’Kelly and Neil Davies, previously COO and Executive Creative Director respectively at The Mill.

Based in 6000 sq ft of office space at the the White Collar Factory building on Silicon Roundabout in London, Untold Studios is is a creative community for world-class visual artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, animators and sound designers, with a current staff of 20 artists, creators, producers and technologists on launch and looking to quickly expand the team. 

The studio has hit the ground running on its launch with a number of projects, including producing an original feature length documentary with the Sundance Award-winning team behind The Summit, and collaborating on high profile advertising agency campaigns and episodic TV series.

“Untold Studios is built for the future," says CEO Darren O'Kelly (above right). "The worlds of advertising, entertainment and technology are intersecting like never before and we’re building a creative studio that enables commissioners to create world-class content.”

“Creativity and people are at the heart of Untold Studios," says Neil Davies (above left), CCO of Untold Studios. "We’re genuinely excited to create a collaborative culture where we support each other and share a common optimism for the future.”

Untold Studios is thought to be the world’s first entirely cloud based studio underpinned by a next-generation technology digital infrastructure. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has built an Untold Studios laboratory at AWS and are providing hardware, processing and rendering capabilities in a highly secure and encrypted MPAA approved environment - a revolutionary approach that is regarded as both flexible and scalable.

Backers of the new venture include Dorfman Media Holdings, which has taken a significant minority interest in the company, with CEO Charles Dorfman on the board. In addition Pat Joseph, co-founder of The Mill, joins the board as non-executive director, bringing with him a wealth of industry experience.

• Untold Studios website

Promo News - 1st Nov 2018

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