Promo News - 31st Aug 2018

The deadline for the first round of judging for the Music genre categories and most of the Technical Achievement categories at this year's UK Music Video Awards 2018 is approaching fast.

The online judging platform, where all the entries in over 30 categories can be viewed, is closing this coming Monday, September 3rd, at midnight (BST). So MVAs jury members, who have been allocated to judge one or more categories, should now complete their voting at the earliest opportunity.

The votes of the MVAs jury members are very important: these will determine which videos will go on to the second and final round of judging, where a shorter list of selected work will be screened at judging panels. These panel sessions will be held in London from September 6th onwards. So all first round judging for most categories must end at midnight on September 3rd. (The exceptions are Best Cinematography in a Video and Best Live Video, which have extended deadlines, to September 10th). 

If you are an MVAs jury member who has yet to judge their assigned category, please do this as soon as possible. The UKMVAs needs your votes. Log in with the details emailed to you by Louise Stevens at the UK Music Video Awards.

The second round of judging, where panels meet to discuss the shortlists of work selected in the best video and technical achievement categories begins on Wednesday (September 6th). Then the nominations for this year's will be announced at the UKMVAs nominations party at The Mill London on September 21st.

More info at the UKMVAs website.

UK Music Video Awards 2018: deadline approaches on first round judging

Promo News - 31st Aug 2018

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