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Blink restructures to absorb Colonel Blimp

Blink restructures to absorb Colonel Blimp

Promo News - 6th Feb 2018

London music video production outfit Colonel Blimp has ended as a separate entity, with its operations and much of its director's roster having now been consolidated into its parent company Blink Productions.

Bringing to an end well over a decade of music video output under the Colonel Blimp name, during which time the company won numerous awards and accolades, the move comes as former Colonel Blimp EP Paul Weston assumes the role of MD at Blink. Richard Grewe, who was Weston's head of music video at Colonel Blimp, now assumes the same role at the new Blink set-up.

Many of the directors who have been on the Colonel Blimp roster - including Dougal Wilson, Fred Rowson, Pedro Martin-Calero, James Beale, Abbie Stephens, Oliver Hadlee-Perch, Tom Kingsley and Truman & Cooper - are now to be found on the expanded Blink roster, which also includes Adam Hashemi, Leila & Damien De Blinkk, Nick Ball and The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide.

In recent times Colonel Blimp moved from purely music video production into making commercials, removing a point of difference with Blink. In their statement announcing the move, Blink have said: "Blink have historically always been at the forefront of new talent in the industry and merging the two rosters is a natural evolution, giving the market a more compelling and comprehensive spectrum of directors under one roster.

"The end of Colonel Blimp of course does not mean the end of Music Video at Blink and the new consolidated proposition will continue to produce creative, beautifully crafted and culturally significant work in both music videos and advertising."

Blink's new head of music video Richard Grewe has also underlined the importance of music video production in Blink's future. 

"Paul made clear how important music videos were to his vision for Blink when we talked over the merger," says Grewe. "Colonel Blimp’s legacy speaks for itself, but with the amazing creative talent we have now under one roster, and the Colonel Blimp DNA still entwined in Blink, it won’t be long until we have our own. I’m really excited to get started. RIP Colonel Blimp."  


Promo News - 6th Feb 2018

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