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Sugarcane Media launches in London offering "different style"

Sugarcane Media launches in London offering "different style"

Promo News - 20th Feb 2017

Sugarcane Media has launched in London, as a different kind of company making music videos, offering both a production and post production solution to their clients' pop promo needs.

Founded late last year by Indiana Mookram and Lavinia Noel, two longterm friends working in different sides of the business, Sugarcane boasts a directors' roster including experienced names such as Ben Peters, Isaac Tomiczek and Kaz Ove, plus a host of up-and-coming talent: AboveGround, Florence Winter Hill, Labi Odebunmi, XIPHI and Pierre Jermaine.

Based in Battersea, south-west London, Sugarcane also have an official partner in Video Europe, giving the company privileged access to their partner's large stock of equipment and post facilities on-site.

Lavinia Noel is known as both a director and editor, and Indiana Mookram's background is in fashion and makeup. They say the idea for Sugarcane Media has been gestating ever since they worked on their first production together. 

"We knew immediately how likeminded we are, instantly making working together and with other people much easier," says Indiana. "We would joke and discuss the idea of running our own production company and what the gaps in the market were that we could fill."

"Knowing that there’s not many females in the industry, our production company offers a different style of services. Whether that being how we nurture and take care of our directors or the tiniest detail within a production, we don’t want anything to go overlooked."  

"Sugarcane Media are not just a production company, we are a family," continues Lavinia "The aim is that everyone we work with should feel comfortable, confident and special. We aim to go above and beyond the norm pre and post production, but also thereafter as this is not where it ends for us. Building healthy and long term relationships are key in growing a successful company."

"Our partnership with Video Europe gives us and our directors more breathing space as they know there’s more budget to work, which in turn allows them to be more creative and produce very high quality pieces of work. Video Europe have been extremely helpful within the process and go above and beyond on each production, including having skilled staff on set."

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Promo News - 20th Feb 2017

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