David Knight - 25th Oct 2016

If you attended the UK Music Video Awards 2016 last Thursday, at some point you may have entered the Photopod – a supersized photobooth with interior decor by MVA16 artist REILLY– probably with a few friends, and possibly wearing a funny wig and oversized sunglasses.

You have no reason to fear. Like an automated Rankin, the Photopod gets the best out of people, and never takes a bad photo. But you can judge for yourself, as all 65 sets of Photopod pics - a set of 4 individual shots, in photobooth fashion - are now up on a photo album on Flickr. So you can decide whether that shocking pink wig was a good idea.    

And gif versions of the Photopod sets are now going up in the gif gallery on the UKMVAs website.    

David Knight - 25th Oct 2016

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