Cat Velez - 22nd Aug 2016

COMPULSORY have signed director Emmanuel Adjei for representation in music videos, commercials and film.

Exec Producer Chris Toumazou had this to say about the signing: "It's a pleasure to have Emmanuel join the roster at COMPULSORY. In a short space of time he has already created a unique body of work that we will encourage not only through music video but a variety of formats."

This announcement comes with his latest short film project, a gripping 15-minute music video Rotterdam-based artist Sevdaliza, combining three tracks - The Language of Limbo, Mad Woman and The Formula. 

Emmanuel Adjei explained how the ambitious collaboration came together: "About two years ago Sevdaliza and I discovered we both had a fascination for each others work. The urge to collaborate started from the necessity to combine our creative forces, and it quickly led to the realization of the short film/music video The Formula, whereby three original tracks (The Language of Limbo, Mad Woman and The Formula) were integrated sort of as a triptych. 

"Our mutual preference for subtle and poetic stories about the dark side of man, created a friendship between us that is inspiring on an artistic and intellectual level. When working together we search for that balance in which a dramatic story remains universal and recognisable, but is never too obvious. A perfect form of ambiguity, that hopefully remains present in Sevdaliza’s music as well as in my own visual language."

Cat Velez - 22nd Aug 2016

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