David Knight - 9th June 2016

Metronomy have commissioned students at the prestigious Central Saint Martins art school in London to create visual interpretations of tracks from the band's new album Summer '08, with selected works from the students - including music videos, art installations and other visuals - being exhibited as part of a launch event for the album this coming weekend (June 10 - 12). 

This is the first of a new initiative launched by Pulse Films to discover and invest in young talent and future filmmakers, working in tandem with universities, art institutions and record labels in the UK. The brainchild of Sarah Boardman, head of music videos at Pulse, the project offers students' insight into how music videos are pitched, produced and distributed through a series of masterclasses and creative sessions with industry experts including commissioners, producers, creators, artists and record labels. Selected students will get dedicated one-on-one mentoring with Boardman.

"I wanted to find fresh talent that wasn’t necessary affected or influenced by the 'music video system'," she says. "As a studio that puts a lot of focus on nurturing talent, we were keen to actively seek out new creators who could bring something innovative to the table."

In this case, Boardman matched Metronomy, their label Because Music, with students at Central Saint Martins, and Jane Third, SVP at Because says: “We jumped at the chance of being involved. Metronomy are the perfect act to inspire young creative minds and we loved all their amazing fresh ideas!”

Boardman adds that the students have brought a fresh approach to the whole concept of the music video, which is reflected in exhibition accompanying the launch of the new Metronomy album at SONOS Studios in London, from June 10-12. "I was blown away by how inspiring the CSM students were during our creative sessions – their reference points were totally different from mine, which I found incredibly exhilarating.”

"We wanted to find bold and original ideas that challenge the perception of music videos today," adds Esteban Gitton, senior lecturer in Moving Image at Central Saint Martins. "This immersive and interactive exhibition reflects on the future of music videos; And Metronomy is the perfect band for such an exciting new challenge.”

Joe Mount, the creative force behind Metronomy, has also added his endorsement of the project. "The most exciting, young and creative talent is always nurtured in institutions like CSM," says Mount. "I myself graduated with a whole group of friends who went on to become professional directors, set designers, illustrators and all kinds of other creative things. This collaboration with Because and Pulse Films is the perfect opportunity for us to catch the next wave early!"

David Knight - 9th June 2016

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