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Promo News offers profile page holders more control

Promo News offers profile page holders more control

Promo News - 6th June 2016

Promo News is now offering profile page holders on the site more control over their pages, as well as hyperlinks on all their production credits on the site, for less than £5 a month.

Music video professionals with credits and profile pages on Promo News, can add hyperlinks to their credits, contact details to their profile pages, and for the first time, also highlight and hide videos on their profile pages, when they take out an Annual Hyperlink Subscription on the site. Benefits of the subscription include:

• Hyperlinks to a webpage of subscriber's choice on all their credits listed on Promo News
• Hyperlink also appears on PN homepage under posts featuring videos subscriber has worked on 
• Up-to-date contact and bio details on subscriber's profile page
• Consolidation of all subscriber's work under single profile page (if requested)
• Videos can be highlighted to appear at top of subscriber's profile page
• Videos can be hidden from the subscriber's profile page

To activate an Annual Hyperlink Subscription, do the following:

1. Go to the 'Donate' button in the SUBSCRIBE AND PROMOTE YOUR WORK box in the righthand column of this page (or in the middle column of the homepage) and make a payment of £50 to begin your Subscription.
2. Email with your details; which videos you wish to highlight, and (if any) wish to hide.

Promo News will then activate the Annual Hyperlink Subscription, and customise the subscriber's profile page as requested. 

Companies who have banner ad sponsorships on Promo News are also able now to highlight and hide videos from their profile page, by contacting Promo News directly with that information. 

Promo News - 6th June 2016

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