David Knight - 27th May 2016

First of all, directing duo Dom & NIc turned actress/dancer Sonoya Mizuno into a 3D printed version of herself – via brilliant VFX work at The Mill - in the video for The Chemical Brothers' Wide Open. Now the CGI creation has become reality.

A lifesize version of Sonoya's '3D' alter-ego has been created by Portuguese engineer Luis Carlos - which made on a 3D printer he constructed himself. This sculpture now stands in the reception area of The Mill's London headquarters (above), resting against a pillar, just like in the video.

Luis Carlos, an electrical engineer graduate from the University of the Algarve, was introduced to 3D printing less than a year ago, but he had already built two 3D printers to facilitate other artistic projects when he saw the Wide Open video.

"I instantly fell in love with it. Not just for the music but also for the artistic technology of the video and how it was created... I felt like I just had to produce a 3D print of Sonoya, the dancer in the promo," he says.

The Mill in London, on hearing of his idea, provided Carlos with enough data for him to create an accurate lifesize version of the 3D incarnation of Sonoya Mizuno. He then built his sculpture on a custom-made 3D printer. "The standard printers on the market have a maximum print area of 20x20x20cm, but for this particular project I had to build one that could allow for eight times the normal print area.

"The structure was printed in ABS plastic as part of a process that took around 200 hours to create. After the printing was complete, I did some small touch ups to remove the imperfections of the print and also to join up all the elements of the model."

The hugely successful Chemical Brothers ‘Wide Open’ video, directed by Dom & Nic, choreographed by Wayne McGregor and starring Sonoya Mizuno, with visual effects by The Mill in London has now posted over 12 million views on YouTube, and won a Yellow Pencil at the D&AD Awards this month (May 19th).

David Knight - 27th May 2016

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