Cat Velez - 28th Oct 2015

Here are the nominations for best Live Coverage, Interactive Video, Music Documentary, and Lyric Video categories at the UK Music Video Awards 2015, including the director, production and label credit information for each work, where it’s currently available. And you can find all the nominations for this year's UKMVAs here.

As with all the awards the winners will be announced at the UKMVAs ceremony at Roundhouse, Camden on Thursday, November 5th. Booking for tickets via the ukmva website has now closed, so email for information on any remaining tickets.  

Best Live Music Coverage, in association with Procam

Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014
Director:  Dick Carruthers & Jeff Claire
Producer: Jeremy Azis
Prod co: Cinefromage
Record co: Eagle Rock

Gabrielle Aplin at Wilton's Music Hall
Director:  Jamie Carter
Producer: Mike Downs
Prod co: Electric Light Studios
Record co: Parlophone

Jay Z & Beyoncé - On The Run Tour
Director:  Jonas Åkerlund
Producer: Svana Gisla
Prod co: Black Dog Films
Record co: Parkwood Entertainment

Lenny Kravitz - Just Let Go
Director:  Paul Dugdale
Producer: Joss Crowley
Prod co: Eagle Rock Film Productions
Record co: Eagle Rock

Mumford & Sons - The Hospital Live Sessions
Director:  Paul Dugdale
Exec Producer: Julie Jakobek
Lighting Director: Ed Warren
Producer: Yolanda Neri
Prod co: JA Digital
Record co: Island

Wolf Alice  - Vevo Lift UK
Director:  Ed Coleman
Prod co: Lemonade Money
Record co: Dirty Hit

Best Music Documentary

808 - The Documentary
Director:  Alexander Dunn
Exec Producer: Alex Noyer
Producer: Alex Noyer, Craig Kallman, Alexander Dunn & Arthur Baker
Prod co: You Know Films in association with Atlantic Films
Commissioner:You Know Films

Backstreet Boys - Show 'Em What You're Made Of
Director:  Stephen Kijak
Producer: Mia Bays
Prod co: Pulse Films, Missing In Action Films, KBAHN
Commissioner: Backstreet Boys

Dazed x Channel 4 - Music Nation Open Mic
Director:  Ewen Spencer
Producer: Oz Thakkar
Prod co: We Folk
Commissioner:Jennifer Byrne, Ravi Amaratunga

Noisey Israel Palestine - Hip Hop in the Holy Land
Director:  Alex Hoffman, Mike Skinner
Producer: Roxy Rezvany
Prod co: Noisey, VICE Media
Commissioner: Al Brown

The Redemption of the Devil
Director:  Alex Hoffman
Producer: Alex Hoffman, Zoey Roberts
Prod co: VICE Media
Commissioner: Matt Elek

The Wrecking Crew
Director:  Denny Tedesco
Prod co: Lunchbox Entertainment

Best Lyric Video

Cee Lo Green - Robin Williams
Director:  Vania Heymann
Exec Producer: Candice Dragonas
Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Prod co: Prettybird
Record co: Atlantic US

Newham Generals ft Wiley - Scars
Director:  Luke Carlisle, Broken Antenna
Producer: Luke Carlisle, Myles McAuliffe, Gustav Newby
Record co: Butterz

Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
Director:  Rok Predin
Producer: Richard Barnett
Prod co: Trunk Animation
Record co: Polydor

Run The Jewels - Early
Director:  Bug & Sluzzy
Producer: Kurt Simpson
Prod co: Bug & Sluzzy
Record co: Mass Appeal

The Shoes - Feed The Ghost
Director:  Dent de Cuir
Prod co: Caviar
Record co: Green United Music

To Kill A King - Love Is Coal
Director:  Ben Jackson
Producer: Ben Jackson / Dan Morbin
Prod co: Rise Media
Record co: Xtra Mile

Best Interactive Video

Foals - Mountain At My Gate
Director:  Nabil
Producer: Liz Kessler
Prod co: Academy Films / A+
Record co: Warner Bros

Coldplay - Ink
Director: Matthew Encina
Prod co: Blind, Interlude
Record co: Parlophone
Best Interactive Video

Years & Years - Shine Channel 4 Takeover
Director: Fred Rowson
Prod co: Colonel Blimp
Record co: Polydor

The Geek x VRV - Waves
Director: Killdeath
Producer: Robin Demoucron
Prod co: Killdeath
Record co: On & On Records

Cee Lo Green - Robin Williams
Director:  Vania Heymann
Exec Producer: Candice Dragonas
Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Prod co: Prettybird
Record co: Atlantic US

Steye & The Bizonkid - What Do We Care 4
Director:  Steye Hallema
Prod co: Wildvreemd

Cat Velez - 28th Oct 2015

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