Cat Velez - 30th July 2015

Radical Media UK have announced the signing of Iregular for Interactive and Digital Media.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1981 but currently based in Montréal, the visual artist, designer and programmer Daniel Iregui creates interactive installations and digital experiences, marrying technology and design and involving the audience in works of ever-changing works of art. 

In 2010 Daniel founded Iregular, an interactive content creation studio where he produces his work and commercial commissions. Daniel Iregui’s work, often signed as Iregular, has been presented in a multitude of platforms in Montréal, including Montréal at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Montréal Highlights Festival, Igloofest, and Mutek among many others. 

He has also presented his work all over the world, at the Mapping Festival in Switzerland, Glow Festival in The Netherlands, Jerusalem Festival of Lights, The Biennial of Digital Arts in Enghien-Les-Bains in France, Mutek in Mexico City, and Salón de Proyectos Ágape in Bogotá among others.

  • Check out his reel here.

Cat Velez - 30th July 2015

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