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Salon Pictures launches Debut scheme in search for first-time filmmakers

Salon Pictures launches Debut scheme in search for first-time filmmakers

David Knight - 1st July 2015

Salon Pictures, producers of just-released feature documentary Gascoigne, are looking for a great idea to make a low budget movie - and to give a music video director their first opportunity to direct a feature.

Salon founders Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter have launched Salon Debut, inviting first-time feature filmmakers to pitch an idea for a high-concept, fiction feature film they can carry though to production at a budget level of GB£500,000 (EUR700.000/USD775,000).

This follows their acclaimed documentary about football legend Paul Gascoigne, released last month, which was shot for less than £500K by a first time feature director. 

Entrants to the scheme are invited to submit a one page pdf of their feature idea - which is being promoted in association with Promo News – in accordance with Salon Debut's guidance notes, requesting "high-concept ideas, novel ways of expression, a fresh approach". 

The initiative is open to first-time feature directors over the age of 18, whose idea is original and written by themselves. One idea will be chosen at the end of submissions which Salon will endeavour to fully finance, produce, and secure distribution for. To date, Salon's Nick Taussig and Paul Van Carter have produced six features by first time directors, including AnuvahoodIll Manors and Offender.

Salon’s Paul Van Carter said: "Having nurtured and developed several promo directors into feature filmmakers, Promo News is the natural home to launch this scheme. We’re hoping to find some incredible new talent that wouldn’t otherwise have crossed our radar. In the constantly shifting sands of film finance, projects at this budget level, with a clear audience, and strong idea that will draw talent, are a safer model for both investors and distributors, yet robust enough to allow bold ideas with innovative directors at the helm to find an international reach."

The entry deadline for submissions to the Salon Debut scheme is 1st August 2015. Find out more information about Salon Debut here.


David Knight - 1st July 2015


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