Promo News - 24th June 2015

Radar Music Videos have joined up with UK media lawyers Wiggin to create a new music video production contract described as "simple, affordable and fair".  

Launched by Radar founder and MD Caroline Bottomley at the Roundhouse Studio at the end of the MusicVidFest event held there on Tuesday June 9th (above), Radar is hoping the contract will standardise protocols in the world of low-budget music video production, not only helping their large community of music video directors operating in that sphere, but also producers and commissioners.  

Users are taken through all the common requirements for production, like cash-flow, re-edits, ownership and promotional use - and are able to customise the contract as appropriate for each particular project. Written in plain English and downloadable, the contract via Radar is discounted by £10, costing £25 plus VAT.

"We know a lot of commissioners and directors approach video production with a 'fingers-crossed' attitude, which can easily unravel,” says Lisa Goll, marketing manager of Radar. “We hope the availability of this contact encourages directors and commissioners to use contracts as a matter of course. Most disagreements are easily solved if terms have been discussed with a clear head and documented in advance."

To promote the contract, Radar and Wiggin have produced an article Five Good Reasons to use a PROPER Contract for your Music Videos, with an accompanying video interview with Wiggin lawyer Alexander Ross on why using a contract is advisable, on the Radar blog, where you can also find out details how to buy the contract.

Promo News - 24th June 2015

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