Promo News - 22nd June 2015

You better believe it. The UK Music Video Awards 2015 are almost here.

Entry to the big awards show for the greatest work in music video in the UK and beyond, will be open from tomorrow (June 23rd). And all the information about awards categories, and how to enter this year's UK Music Video Awards will be available from the new website.

There will also be the first details about the show itself – including news of an amazing new venue for the premiere awards night and biggest party of the year for UK music videos.

Since 2008, the UK MVAs have been celebrating the range of brilliant work in music videos, with awards for videos by music genre, for technical achievement, and special individual awards. And there will be new honours introduced into the 2015 show, the eighth annual UK Music Video Awards, in addition to a wide range of familiar ones. Stand by for more details.

Promo News - 22nd June 2015

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