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Cat Velez - 27th May 2015

Having made an impact with their lo-fi, acid-soaked visuals for The Slaves and God Damn, director/record producer collective Youth Hymns have joined Partizan for music video representation in the UK.

Youth Hymns are a trio - comprised of Jake, Johnny and Jolyon - who have been involved in various bands, and running a record label, and then made the step into directing, becoming self-proclaimed kings of VHS. "We own 150 camcorders. It's unhealthy," they say. Their favourite camera is the JVC C1 (famous for being in Back to the Future), of which they have three. Often filming live sessions on these cameras, they have worked with the likes of Slaves, Maps and Big Deal to name a few. 

"We shot our first ever Youth Hymns video in February 2012 using nothing but four half working VHS cameras, a dying projector, a couple of torches and a budget of £100. After encountering 100 technical problems that 17 hour day, we swore we'd never do it again. Here we are." 

They have also shot the videos for Slaves' The Hunter (above) and Feed The Mantaray, and God Damn's Vultures, attracting the attention of Claire Stubbs, head of music videos at Partizan in London. "I came across the videos Youth Hymns had made for Slaves and knew straight away I wanted to work with them," she says. "I’m very excited to welcome them to Partizan."

• Watch Youth Hymns showreel on Partizan website here

Cat Velez - 27th May 2015

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