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Kevin Godley's WholeWorldBand enables new Band Aid Challenge

Kevin Godley's WholeWorldBand enables new Band Aid Challenge

David Knight - 10th Dec 2014

Kevin Godley's innovative music and video creation app WholeWorldBand is being used to facilitate the next stage of the latest Band Aid project, in order to help raise more funds for the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

Band Aid 30 has now launched the Band Aid Challenge - a social media event similar to the Ice-Bucket Challenge, in which people are invited to record themselves singing Bono's line in "Do They Know It's Christmas?" – "Tonight we're reaching out and touching you," – and then nominate three friends to do the same on social media. People can do this by using WholeWorldBand, the application that Kevin Godley has pioneered and developed over the past few years.  

On the WholeWorldBand app for for iPhone and iPad, individuals can now add their own contributions to the existing Band Aid 30 video, by paying £1.40. WholeWorldBand uses the iOS device’s built-in microphone and camera and allows musicians to create a Video Mix featuring the original Band Aid 30 artists plus up to 5 other people performing with the song.

Each new video mix can then be shared to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and the creator can nominate their friends to add to it using the hashtag #BandAid30.

The idea, says Godley, is to "create the biggest band in the world, in as short a time as possible', with all the proceeds from participating performers going to Band Aid 30.

"The ‘singing Bono’s line’ idea is only the tip of the iceberg," he says. "With the free WholeWorldBand app anyone can now join in, singing, playing or even dancing throughout the whole song, all you need is an iPhone or iPad. We want to open up Band Aid 30 to include more music, more video, more instrumentalists. 

"The Band Aid 30 Record is vocal-heavy, but a lot of you guys play as well as sing and shoot video so please - let’s see and hear what you can do!  

"Ebola is the most terrible disease and we should all do whatever we can, however small, to help eradicate it. At WholeWorldBand we’re aiming to create the biggest band in the world, in as short a time as possible and you can be part of it." 

• Download WholeWorldBand app here

David Knight - 10th Dec 2014

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