David Knight - 17th Oct 2014

For one week in August in East London, numerous music video makers, and suppliers to the industry donated their time, energy and resources to helping a group of youngsters get an invaluable early education in the world of filmmaking. 

It was the second outing in London of the free music video summer camp OMG! Cameras Everywhere! where kids from 11 - 14 years of age gained hands-on experience in the art and craft of filmmaking, and made some wildly imaginative and infectiously joyful music videos, courtesy of the non-profit organisation OMG Everywhere.

Under the leadership of OMG co-founder Isaac Ravishankara - who flew over from Los Angeles to head up this year's event - filmmakers Mikey Please, Dan Ojari, Niall Kenny, Zac Ella, Stephen Agnew, Phillipa Bloomfield, Luke Monaghan, Matt Lambert, MarshmallowLaser Feast, Raoul Paulet, Emile Rafael, Arthur De Borman, Sets Appeal, Hayley Macdonald and Lindsay Atkin at Stitch Editing all took part in workshops, situated at the Brady Centre in East London, with the kids.

Furthermore, film equipment and postpproduction resources were provided by Electric Theatre Collective, Final Cut, Arri, Focus 24, the Kit Room and Panalux. Crucially there was also the participation of a number of music artists, who put their tracks and even themselves at the disposal of the youngsters. A-Trak, Spector, Little Dragon, Madeline, Kozzie and Drifter all donated their music to be visually interpreted by the OMG! group. 

As with the first OMG workshops in London last year, the kids and their mentors harnessed homemade prop-making, in-camera and post visual effects and animation to create videos bursting with energy and invention. For example, the video for Spector's Chevy Thunder features a functioning half-real sized cardboard car, and the video for Kozzie's When I'm Doing It features horror prosthetics and motion capture, together with a performance by the rapper.  

Founded by Isaac Ravishankara and Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan (aka directing team DANIELS) back in 2011 in Los Angeles, as a way to teach filmmaking to a next generation, OMG Everywhere is a non-profit organisation which pays for its weeklong workshops through donations, so it remains free for the children who attend the workshops. 

Juliette Larthe, MD of Prettybird UK, who has been involved in establishing the project in London, says: "Organizing OMG is a challenge far outweighed by what we get out of doing it. It's tough raising the funds to get it off the ground – we made it by the skin of our teeth – but the production companies and facility houses were really supportive, especially Panalux, and the Brady Centre where as brilliant as they were the year before.

"Isaac came over, so we now have a template set up for the next ones, and it's exciting for us all to have the American influence. We set up camp at night in our office, and again at the weekend with a premier at Rich Mix on the Sunday after pulling two all-nighters editing. We were so lucky to have Ben Larthe and the support of Mike Carr & Pegah Faramand, Laura Graham, Laura Thomas-Smith and Lana Salfiti who were all major in every part of the pre-production.

"And to hear from the teenagers that they felt its the best week they have had and actually made their year, is more than gold."

• OMG London 2014 Vimeo channel here

• To find out more about OMG Everywhere, how to help and donate to the organisation here 

David Knight - 17th Oct 2014

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