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Retroactive product placement in videos arrives as Universal signs Mirriad deal

Retroactive product placement in videos arrives as Universal signs Mirriad deal

David Knight - 29th Sept 2014

Universal Music Group has signed a deal with Mirriad, the British technology company that digitally inserts product placement into existing film footage, which will allow advertisers to add their brands into previously released music videos.  

The deal by the world's largest record label ushers in a new era of product placement in music videos, where advertisers will have their brands inserted in existing videos for a period of time, and then replaced by other brands. Mirriad is also developing technology to enable more targeted advertising, so different brands can be added into the same video in different regions or to a specific audience.  

The first results of the deal with Universal include inserting Grand Marnier, the liqueur brand, into two videos by Avicii, including You Make Me (above). Universal and Mirriad are also working with French ad agency Havas, whose clients include Coca-Cola.

"Being inside content is more valuable than being outside content," said Mark Popkiewicz, Mirriad’s chief executive, on the announcement of the deal. Lucian Grainge, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, said: “Through innovative technologies such as Mirriad’s, and leading global agencies such as Havas, we can offer our artists additional opportunities to generate revenue from their music videos. And with Mirriad’s highly customisable platform, we have the ability to insure that artists’ and brands’ interests are aligned while we remain focused on presenting fans with the most compelling music experience possible.”

David Knight - 29th Sept 2014


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