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Presets and Barnaby Roper create 'six-sided' video for new Google platform The Cube

David Knight - 17th July 2014

Australian outfit The Presets and director Barnaby Roper have created the first music video for Google's new experimental platform The Cube, making a multi-strand interactive piece for the track No Fun

The Cube, developed by the Google Creative Lab in Sydney, allows the user to explore and mix six separate videos – unfolding on each side of the cube – either by using a finger to move the cube on an Android touchscreen device, or by clicking and dragging on a PC/laptop on Google's Chrome browser.

The Presets and Barnaby Roper have exploited The Cube's potential for No Fun, both in terms of vision and sound, with different narrative threads and abstract animation appearing on different sides of The Cube, some accompanied by different mixes of the track. There is more about the project on the Behind The Scenes video below.

Described as 'an experimental platform for interactive storytelling' and 'a place to produce film, music, and other art totally free from two-dimensional traditional constraints', Google are now actively looking for more interesting creative treatments to run on The Cube.  

• Google Cube on Tech-Crunch

David Knight - 17th July 2014


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