David Knight - 4th June 2014

Leading commercials editing house Stitch has launched Homespun, a new editing company specialising in digital content, music videos and short films, and committed to working with up-and-coming directing and producting talent.

Featuring a wealth of editorial talent that also work on commercial projects at Stitch - including Paul O'Reilly, Izzy Curry, Max Windows, Phil Currie, Leo King and Tim Hardy – plus junior editors and assistants, Homespun has opened its doors this week (commencing June 2nd) located in both Stitch premises, in London and Los Angeles.

The new company will employ an 'ideas-first' policy - where the creative strength of the project will be the primarly consideration above size of budget – and also launches with a competition called 'Homespun Yarns', offering filmmakers the chance to create content that communicates the idea that 'good things grow'.  

“It’s a great time to launch Homespun," says Stitch managing director Angela Hart. "We’re getting lots of interesting work through the door that’s perfect for our talented team to get their teeth into. There’s so much fantastic creative outside of conventional TV advertising that often goes unrecognised. We want to embrace that work to allow our guys and up-and-coming directors and producers to flourish. It’s a really exciting prospect.”

"Stitch was founded through a desire to focus on the best creative work. We’re passionate about the projects we take on and the people we work with," comment Stitch's founding editors Andy McGraw, Leo King and Tim Hardy. "Homespun is an extension of this. We’re craftspeople at heart and we’re driven by working with great ideas. So as long as ideas have legs – or preferably wings — we’ll do our best to make them happen."

Homespun is also now accepting entries for the 'Homespun Yarns' competition, with up to 3 projects being commissioned in early July, and culminating in an eveing of screenings set for September. More information can be found at www.homespunyarns.tv.

Homespun producer Alice Clarke says, "It’s a chance for people to indulge in their passions, to dig that idea out that’s been sitting in their sketchbook, waiting to be developed. It’s also a chance for yet-to-be discovered talent to put themselves out there."

• See the Homespun reel here

David Knight - 4th June 2014

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