David Knight - 14th May 2014

The latest Coldplay album Ghost Stories has been made available for streaming in full on iTunes and iTunes Radio a full week ahead of its official release - and can be experienced as a Visual Album, with the album cover artwork created by Mila Fürstová brought to life by Alasdair + Jock at Trunk Animation.

The visuals consist of a pair of angel's wings floating with a sea and night sky backdrop, which focusses on highly detailed vignette illustrations within the wings, inviting viewers to investigate and lose themselves in the details while listening to the Coldplay album in full.

Commissioned by Sam Seager at Parlophone and produced by Trunk boss Richard Barnett, Jock headed up the team re-creating Mila’s artwork, and Alasdair took charge of pulling all 53,000 frames together. The piece contains around 50 separate loops, from flying fish to a spinning gyroscope, and the team used a multitude of techniques, incorporating 3D, 2D cuts outs, classical hand-drawn animation and time-lapse photography, brought together by many hours of artworking and compositing.

Ghost Stories is Coldplay's sixth album, and is released in full on May 19th.

• Stream Coldplay 'Ghost Stories' Visual Album here

David Knight - 14th May 2014

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