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Oh Yeah Wow cry foul over One Direction's You & I video

Oh Yeah Wow cry foul over One Direction's You & I video

David Knight - 23rd Apr 2014

Melbourne-based production company Oh Yeah Wow are claiming that the visual idea in the final part of the new One Direction video has been copied from one of their videos, and are looking to rally support via social media to publicise what they consider plagiarism of their original concept.

Oh Yeah Wow have sent out a release today which highlights the similarities between the Ben Winston-directed video for One Direction video for You & I, released on April 19th, and the video for Clubfeet's Everything You Wanted (pictured above), directed by Josh Thomas and produced out of Oh Yeah Wow, which was released early last year.

The visual hook of the Clubfeet video is a single tracking shot where the lead singer walks forward towards a series of still images of himself, 'matching' each image as he reaches it. The last part of the You & I video employs a very similar effect.

The Australian outfit, whose work includes videos for Goyte, Bombay Bicycle Club and Passenger, are looking to drum up for support for their cause in highlighting the One Direction example via Twitter – using the hashtag #nodirection, with a link to their statement.

They write: "To be crystal clear, OYW has nothing against creative evolution. Artists constantly reinterpret other works that have inspired them and we’re fine with people taking a technique and using it to create something new- our clip for Gotye was loosely based on the genius short film Tango by Zbigniew Rybczynski, for example.

"The wider problem is, that plagiarism and copycatting is becoming increasingly common and acceptable. When did we, society, become so complacent as to allow this kind of behaviour to become normal practice in the media industry? It is for this very reason we have decided (this time) to rally some support- for the last thing we want is a generation of kids labelling our Clubfeet video a One Direction rip off in years to come."

David Knight - 23rd Apr 2014


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