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Come on Noel, tell us how you really feel...

David Knight - 24th Jan 2014

Noel Gallagher's commentary over a compilation of Oasis music videos, in which he pours colourful expletive-strewn contempt upon the band's music video output, has become an immediate viral sensation on YouTube. A ten-minute video, taken from the commentary Gallagher recorded for the Oasis DVD compilation Time Flies (which was released back in 2010) has notched up a quarter of a million view in just three days, and lots of web coverage. 

The highlights video has been made by Manchester-based BBC employee Sam Huxley, who edited over two hours of commentary by Noel Gallagher featured on the Time Flies DVD, recorded by the DVD's director Dick Carruthers - who contacted Huxley on Twitter on Wednesday to congratulate him on his 'very funny (crap) edit' of the commentary.

In the commentary Gallagher reveals that the novelty of making videos quickly palled as the band's success grew - possibly with making their first video for Supersonic on a wind-blown roof of a hotel opposite Kings Cross station. From then on, he is characteristically blunt and very funny – mostly contemptuous about the videos, and increasingly his own music for Oasis (although one later Oasis track, The Importance Of Being Idle – with its video by Dawn Shadforth inspired by The Kinks' promo for Dead End Street, and featuring Rhys Ifans – is a notable absentee from the highlights video.

Sam Huxley's edit underlines the long-recognised fact that Noel is no Thom Yorke or Norman Cook - musicians who can engage with music video creativity as an extension of their music. Noel's definitely happier with audio - and someone should probably give him his own radio show. 

David Knight - 24th Jan 2014

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