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D&AD Music Video categories are back by popular demand! So what will you enter?

D&AD Music Video categories are back by popular demand! So what will you enter?

dandad - 14th Jan 2014

Great, you’ve made this year’s Big Bad Wolf. Now let the world know about it.

The quality of the record of 2013’s videos will depend on what is entered into D&AD. The jury this year includes Damian Kulash (OK Go), Liz Kessler (Academy), Mary Fagot (BBH LA) and Zak Razvi (Pulse Films). They’re people who know the craft inside-out and, most importantly, have the interests of creativity at the very heart of what they do.

The last time the Music Video category featured in the D&AD Awards, 2012, coveted Yellow Pencils were awarded to Megaforce (for Is Tropical's The Greeks), Fleur & Manu (for Etienne de Crecy's No Brain) and DANIELS (for Manchester Orchestra’s Simple Math). Videos for Battles, Metronomy and, of course, Duck Sauce all featured in the book too. The Annual, published online and in print, is a record of the best-crafted works of the year – Music Videos that are forever etched into the minds of viewers.

At that year’s Black Pencil Judging a heated debate broke out over the merits of The Greeks – was it too violent? Was the explosiveness of the content clouding the jury’s judgment? “It’s outrageous supporting something so violent. It should have been thrown out”, claimed BBH’s Sir John Hegarty. Of course it wasn’t thrown out, and was awarded for its unprecedented originality and brilliant craft. But it’s these discussions that only ever take place at D&AD Judging – and this is the most compelling reason for entering.

In 2013 the Music Video category was withdrawn. D&AD couldn’t justify running the category – it lost us a lot of money. In her article for us on the topic, Academy Films’ Liz Kessler said “It was a dark day for those of us out there in music video land. With budgets decimated, it's more important than ever for directors to win paid work, and an award from D&AD is a sure-fire way to get in front of the advertising world.”

During our consultation, Dougal Wilson added:  “As the definitive document of the year's best pieces of commercial creativity, D&AD would be incomplete without the Music Video section.” Who can argue with that? So this year, we brought the category back.

In March we’ll find out which videos have been selected to represent 2013 to future generations. Between now and then it’s down to you to make sure Music Videos show the rest of the creative world what they’re made of.

The entry deadline for this year's D&AD Awards is 29th January 2014.

• This article is sponsored by D&AD

dandad - 14th Jan 2014

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