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B-Reel is bringing its expertise to music projects

B-Reel is bringing its expertise to music projects

David Knight - 22nd Oct 2013

B-Reel, the global integrated production company best known for integrated digital campaigns, but also TV commercials, documentaries, web and mobile experiences, games, and more, is looking for creative opportunities in music videos and other music content, for its multi-national staff of directors, producers, technologists, developers, creative directors, and motion graphic designers.    

Callum Johnston, formerly of Black Dog Films, now new business manager at B-Reel London – one of company's six international offices – is looking to get B-Reel directors involved with cool music projects in the months ahead. And B-Reel and its directors have already proved themselves with various projects, including arguably the most acclaimed interactive video of all, Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown

B-Reel teamed up Chris Milk and Google to make this groundbreaking piece, while B-Reel director Miles Jay created the world’s first interactive Facebook music video. But they have also been behind various successful traditional videos too - Anders Forsman’s classic ‘Bonkers’ by Dizzee Rascal and Miles Jay’s 'Autoerotique’. B-Reel are also representing Johan Perjus, known for the graphic precision of his work for IKEA, Federal Express and others, and Tom Malmros, renowned for creating bizarre comic worlds for clients like Betsafe and Aftonbladet.

More recently completed music projects include an interactive music video mobile game for Bobby Womak called The Bravest Man and a commercial for Kanye West’s Cruel Summer

Callum says: "I've always loved music videos and they're a great way for directors to express themselves and experiment with new ideas and techniques. It's also one of the best ways to find and nurture new talent so we're excited to be pushing this for B-Reel." 


David Knight - 22nd Oct 2013


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